80 Hours. No Food, Just Water.

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

80 hours. No Food, Just Water.

First off, for those that do not know me. I am BJ Davis. I am a husband to my amazing wife Jenny and father to my little girl Harper. They are my motivation for everything I do in life. I probably have more business ideas than the average person. I love everything about building a brand and a business. It is almost the only content I consume. People fascinate me and I am always interested in meeting someone new. My wife just loves that. This blog is my perspective on life and hopefully, I can help a few people along the way.

For the last 10 years, I have struggled to keep off weight. I did go through a period of gluten-free and insanity every night where I dropped 30 pounds. I put every pound back on and more. I was pretty skinny in high school and I am only 5'8. Just to give some perspective I was 199 pounds at the height of my weight and when I started my fast, I was 191 pounds. In the beginning, I thought fasting would be a great way to shed weight and shed it fast. My friend had lost about five pounds completing his fast. I knew this could jump-start my journey.

I did not do a lot of research on fasting going into it. I discussed with a few people that have done them before. They lived to talk about it so why not give it a try.

The side effects of the fast were incredible! My energy levels were through the roof and my focus was sharper. I was losing weight which I believe was just water weight. Hell, I was drinking at least a gallon a day. That didn't matter to me though. The scale was going down and I didn't care where it came from.

How could your energy be better when you are not putting anything into your body? Is your focus better because you have honed into the fact that you haven't had a meal in three days? I had a ton of questions, but I also didn't need all the answers to start. I would have researched until I found enough supporting evidence to convince myself it was a bad idea. I think that when motivations aren't aligned with our goals that we subconsciously look for ways out rather than ways in. If you are looking for a way out, which I became very good at, you will always find your answer. There is enough bullshit on the internet to find supporting evidence for any good or bad idea.

Also, I am not a trainer, doctor and or a fasting expert. I am your average person who just wanted to feel better, to be better. I was tired all the time. I was having brain fog. My confidence was low. I wanted to change so that I can be around a long time for my wife and daughter.

I started my fast Tuesday, June 25th after lunch. I was not planning on starting until the next day but then I got a call from my friend that completed his fast. He convinced me to start mine then. Honestly, if I had waited until the next day, I would have never started. Just like that new workout or running program. I constantly put them off until Monday because, you know, it is the start of a new week.

The first night was tough but now how you would think. I told Jenny I was going to a fast and she promptly asked me to cook dinner. I cooked dinner, watched her eat and played with Harper. The worst part of this whole fast was the caffeine headache I got the first night. I could not wait to go to sleep. I drink too much caffeine. The next morning was the status quo for me too. I usually skip breakfast anyway. I was not hungry and had lost my first two pounds. Lunch rolled around and I came to the first realization. I eat because it is lunchtime not because I was hungry, or my body needed food. I had to get out of the office to distract myself from thinking of food. I went to Target and picked up a book. After lunch passed, I felt good. It was interesting to me that I only wanted to eat because it was a certain time of day, but I certainly was not hungry.

The second evening another revelation hit me. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and I kept getting up to go look in the pantry and the fridge. After about the third time I realized that I eat when I am bored. I eat for the sake of just doing something when I am home. I still was not hungry, and I have an unhealthy relationship with food. The second morning was pretty easy again and was down three more pounds. Now lunch that day was a different ballgame. This is when I started to miss food. I was not hungry, but I missed enjoying a meal. My brother and I played disc golf during lunch to help keep my mind off food. My energy levels were high, and my focus was on point.

The third evening was difficult. I missed eating dinner. Thankfully Jenny was out of town so that helped tremendously. I was drinking a lot more water at this point. I was doing anything to keep myself just busy and get to sleep. The third morning was incredible. For one, I knew I was going to make it. I even thought about going another day. My energy was at an all-time high. I was down a total of seven pounds. Lunch was easy to skip. I felt great and I definitely could have kept going. I just missed food. My final realization after 80 hours was this was a mental test and not a hunger test.

What did I learn about myself? How did I feel after?

I am more mentally strong than I thought I was. My confidence was at an all-time high. I felt like I could accomplish anything. The biggest thing I wanted to accomplish with this fast was just completing it. I had been making so many empty promises that I just was not happy with myself. I stopped telling people that would hold me accountable that I was going to do things to get healthier. I would never follow through because next Monday was always better. It is a vicious cycle to be in. It is tough to get out of. The best thing any of us can do is just start. Make a conscious decision to begin. Otherwise, it is a passing thought.

I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I found myself eating because of routine, stress, or just pure boredom. Lunch comes around and you want to eat because its lunch, not because you are hungry. Having deals fall through or just general life can be stressful. So, you eat to taste something good that fills you up. I found out that I was eating mostly because I was bored when I got home. No evening hobbies will do that to you. I am a serial snacker. I cannot tell you how many times I went to the fridge or pantry to just stare at food and realizing that I was up because I was bored instead of being hungry. I will get into this later when I talk about my eating habits coming off the fast.

My energy level was pretty high throughout the fast. Much higher than I thought it would be considering I was not fueling my body with food. It was fascinating, especially since I had no caffeine in my system. My energy was high, and I was losing weight. I thought it was water weight, but the scale said I lost 7 pounds over the three days and it was just the jump start I needed. When you have momentum it really can be a driving force to get you to your goals. I have lost a total of 21 pounds in 36 days if that tells you anything.

This was by far one of the best experiences of my life. A spark of momentum can be all you need to get you where you need to go. I want to be around a long time for my wife and daughter. I am looking forward to my next fast.

This is my experience with fasting. Follow me on my journey and decide what works for you.

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